the wedding

photo by Lyndsay Evans
photo by Lyndsay Evans

site-specific performance

concept and performance Katharina Haverich and Verity Pabla


at The Glass House Art Gallery, Coventry (England)


A wedding ceremony of two females who are in love. It a small, intimate occasion.
There is no one in the Glass House but the person in charge of the exhibition. There are flower petals on the floor but mainly around the edges of the Glass House near the window. There are white tea lights near the window, too. (There are a few extra lights positioned to illuminate the window area.)
Vicki comes in, she lights the candles and checks the space. (She turns on the lights), which takes approximately five minutes. During these five minutes, all audience members find their positions. (Make sure this is arranged). Vicki has left the space and meets the vicar on the ramp, they converse briefly. She goes to the end of the ramp and waits. The vicar enters and looks around, checks his speech, perhaps talks to the exhibition man for about 3 minutes. He takes his place behind a lectern as the musician enters and sets up. The photographer and then after a couple of minutes the wedding guests see Vicki, and ask for instructions as to where they are placed. They take their positions accordingly within two minutes. The two brides arrive.