neue blonde frau

photo by Katharina Haverich
photo by Katharina Haverich

transformation &

music video

concept and performance Katharina Haverich

costume coach Friederike Brodersen

make-up coach Ben Müller


at Haus der Kulturen der Welt and Freie Universität Berlin




I lived in the former East of Berlin in an area called Friedrichshain. Whenever I took the subway or travelled via Alexanderplatz, I saw weird looking girls and women that for some reason really appealed to me so I stared at them for minutes. They had a certain aggressive look, so I would try and avoid them noticing. They were strangely dressed, in cheap but supposedly sexy clothes. Really, these types of women were all over Berlin and I saw them in other German cities, too. In England there were called “chavs”, in America they would be labelled “white trash”. At the time I studied at university and worked at the House of World Cultures. I felt alienated by these very sophisticated cultural and academic avant-garde environments. I decided to slowly integrate myself as a “cheap blond woman” with fake fingernails and mini skirts into both environments as an experiment. The reactions varied, but overall it became very clear people felt I didn’t belong. The project inspired me to write my M.A. thesis about formats of investigative performances and to produce a music video to go with the song “Kat The Chav” by British musician Olivia Broadfield.

Kat the Chav comments:



Peter S. (curator)


"YAY!  So great! Really an awesome project, Kat, good work!"

Brina S. (performer, director, curator)


"Probably one of the best things I have heard in a long time. I danced, I shouted, I shook my!"

Trudy C. (Olivia Broadfield Facebook fan)


"Playing this on my cell phone all day!"

Mekhi C. (Olivia Broadfield Facebook fan)



Presentation of M.A. Thesis at Freie Universität Berlin

01.02.2010, Freie Universität Berlin

left to right: Katharina Haverich (as Neue Blonde Frau ready for M.A. presentation), Emel Birsin (supporting actress to Neue Blonde Frau at presentation), presentation with Clemens Risi (second auditor) and fellow students

Handout (German)

Masterarbeitsprojekt von Katharina Haverich

Master Theaterwissenschaften, 4. Fachsemester

Musiktheaterkolloquium Wintersemester 2009/10

Freie Universität Berlin



Formen der „vierten Gewalt“? Investigative Performance und ihre mediale Aufbereitung am Beispiel von Sacha Baron Cohen, Günter Wallraff und The Yes Men


1. Einleitung


2. Vergleiche zwischen den Verkleideten: Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede

2.1 Produktionstechniken

2.1.1 Komischer Mainstream: Sacha Baron Cohens „Ali G“ und „Brüno“

2.1.2 Kommunikationsguerilla: The Yes Men als Vertreter von Dow Chemicals und der 


2.1.3 Stimme der Schwachen: Günter Wallraff als Brötchenbäcker und Schwarzer

2.1.4 Resumé: Vorspielen aus verschiedenen Gründen unter Verwendung unterschiedlicher Techniken


3. Unbedingte Medialisierung: Live Performance als Nebenprodukt

3.1 Sendungsbewusstsein für das Hauptprodukt

3.2 Die Rolle des Live Publikums

3.3 Printmedien

3.4 Film und Fernsehen

3.5 Internet

3.6 Pressewirksamkeit und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit


5. Rezeption der Künstler

5.1 Presse und Auszeichnungen

5.2 Kritik

5.3 (Messbare) Erfolge ihrer Aktionen?


6. Schlussreflexion