kleines familienspiel

theatrical installation

concept, script and direction Katharina Haverich

performance Philipp Meier von Rouden, Peter Maertens, Katharina Schumacher, Laura Uhlig, Christoph Tomanek, Robin Stuhr, Peter Dorsch, Corinna Sommerhäuser and Martin Labarenz

video Arto Sebastian, Maurice Mahramzadeh
costumes Sophie Klenk


at Thalia Gaußstraße, Hamburg



Six young directors at the Thalia Theater present the Thalia in der Gauss.Straße as Deutschen Zustand. The rehearsal stages, the kitchen and the garage will serve as settings for political and social road trip through Germany.


Six characters appear on a television set each, surrounding the only actor who is physically present in the show: a young man saying his goodbyes. He decided that - following a big mistake he made - his only option is to leave everyone and everything behind. The pre-recorded appearances by the young man’s father, mother, grandfather, brother, friends and girlfriend make the series of farewell rigid and unloving. They simply ‘play a tape’ and don’t listen to what he has to say. No real interaction is possible and the young man is fighting his way through the walls of discomforting words that get thrown at him.