Ich bin's, deine schwestern

Lena Lux, Gaetane Douin, Katharina Haverich
photo by Sabine Hilscher

dance performance

choreography and direction Martin Nachbar

performance Gaetane Douin, Katharina Haverich / Marina Miller Dessau, Lena Lux

dramaturgy and direction Gabi dan Droste


music Boris Hauf
set and costume Sabine Hilscher
objects Aino Stratemann


premiere 07.04.2016 at KinderTheaterHaus, Hanover


invited to:

Tanzkongress 2016, Hanover 

THINK BIG #5 2016, Munich

fft 2017, Dusseldorf



No matter whether siblings are inseparable or on bad terms, loving or jealous – they can hardly escape each other. They play together, laugh and cry, quarrel and hurt each other, they help and occasionally annoy one another. Upon the invitation of the KinderTheaterHaus in Hanover, the contemporary choreographer Martin Nachbar and the dramaturge Gabi dan Droste developed a dance piece for children on the theme of ‘siblings.’ Along with three performers, they bring different constellations of siblings to the stage. They not only examine how in the interplay of brotherly and sisterly closeness and competition, protection and distance, cooperation and fighting, own identities are formed, but also jointly create a new artistic thumbprint for children.


Sat 18 June, followed by a talk with Martin Nachbar and Gabi Dan Droste on the questions: ’What is contemporary in contemporary dance for young persons? What is relevant to the present in a rapidly changing world, in a multi-option society?’

supported by

State Capital of Hannover/Kulturbüro, Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony. Performances at Tanzkongress supported by Stiftung Niedersachsen.